9 Of The Best Modern Accent Chairs And Where To Buy Them

Accent chairs are more than just places to sit in your living room. They are pieces of art that inject your interior with personality. You may not even have any practical need for it, but it serves to draw the eye in and create a bit of excitement, much like an accent colour.

When choosing an accent chair, it’s best to go for one that really draws your attention. Consider an unusual shape or a statement colour to add interest to your space. You can even pick a chair that doesn’t match your decor to create an element of contrast.

Scroll down for a round up of 9 of the best accent chair styles on the high street at the moment. I’m even going to tell you the best place to buy each chair style!

1.Tub Chair

A Tub chair features a large rounded upholstered seat usually with semicircular back and no separate arms.

The simple shape of this chair, makes it suitable for a variety of rooms and a a range of design styles. Cute, compact and comfortable, so they are a always a welcome feature of any room.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Swoon Editions – Ritz chair | Made.com – Gertie Chair

2.Chesterfield Style

A Chesterfield chair is a low club-style chair with a fully buttoned or tufted interior, typically made of leather. It’s basically a small chesterfield sofa.

They work particularly well in alongside Industrial style decor, or next to a chesterfield sofa. Originally, chesterfield sofas and chairs were made of leather, but a lot of velvets and wools are used now.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Made.com – Branagh Chair | Loaf – Swaggamuffin chair

3.Wingback chair

A Wingback chair features “wings” mounted to the back of the chair, typically, but not always, stretching down to the arm rest. Contemporary designers now produce all sorts of shapes and sizes of wing chair.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Made.com – Kubrick armchair  |  Swoon Editions – Ludwig armchair

4.Butterfly chair

The butterfly chair (or BKF chair) was designed in 1938 by architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Harody, who worked in Le Corbusier’s studio.

The chair features a tubular frame with a large sling that is hung from the frames highest points, creating a suspended seat. Originally, the frame of the chair was black and the sling was leather. However, now the frames are different colours and the seats can be made from a wide range of materials. The low seating position makes this chair a great way of adding some casual comfort into the home.

Although this style is actually 80 years old, the shape feels very contemporary. It will fit particularly well in a Scandinavian or industrial design scheme.

If you are thinking about purchasing a leather sofa then you’ll need to make sure that you understand the different types of leather that are out there. The leather that you choose will ultimately depend on your own lifestyle, where the sofa is going to go and even the style of the room as well.
(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Maisons Du Monde – Santiago Chair | Cult Furniture – Xanthe Chair

5.Cocktail Chair

Mid-century style cocktail chairs became prominent in the 1950s and they still remain very popular today. Their small size and elegant shape suit many interior schemes, plus they’re useful for almost any room in the house. Cocktail chairs feature an upholstered  seat and curved or tapered backrest with no arms.

Usually, cocktail chairs are upholstered in a luxury velvet, however, they can be upholstered in a range of materials.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Cult Furniture – Penelope chair | Swoon editions – Fitz chair

6.Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair is an icon of Modernist style design. The chair is composed of three curved plywood shells forming the headrest, the backrest and the seat.

These chairs are most suited to Scandinavian inspired schemes, but, they can look perfectly at home within any modern house. You can buy these on the high street if you, however, you’ll need to have a large budget!

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

John Lewis – Vitra Lounge Chair | Stone Butterfly – Eames Lounge Chair

7.Acapulco Chair

Acapulco chairs first burst onto the home decor scene in the 1950s, really picked up steam in the 1960s, and have enjoyed a revival in recent years. They consist of an egg-shaped metal frame that has a smaller circle nested within it, attached to three supporting legs.

Although Acapulco chairs are usually used as outdoor furniture, recently they have been creeping inside. The open string like texture brings freshness and coolness to any space that it sits in.

I believe it works the best within a bohemian inspired room.

Bohemian acapulco chair
(Image Credit: My Design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Wayfair – Acapulco chair | Homebase – Acapulco chair

8.Shell Chair

Shell chairs are largely influenced by the Art Deco design movement. They feature an upholstered chair shape seat with thin legs. They are usually upholstered in velvet, which gives them a luxury feel.

Whether you’re curling up with a good book or simply chilling out after a long day, Shell Chairs are the perfect shape to relax in.  It is a true statement armchair that is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your home.

rooms_26235970_styled-by-chique copy
(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Coach House – Petal Chair | Sweetpea and willow – Eichholtz chair

9.Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chair is a chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929. It was originally designed to provide a comfortable break for the King of Spain as he visited the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929. Since 1953 Knoll Inc have continued to manufacture Barcelona chairs.

Although it is nearly 100 years old, it is a  design that still plays a leading role in the world of interior design. I think part of it’s appeal is to do with its minimalist appearance. It is a true collectors piece.

Similar to the Butterfly chair, this chair style works best within a Scandinavian or industrial style interior.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Where to buy:

Heal’s – Brown Barcelona chair | Onske – White Barcelona chair

Which accent chair is your favourite? Do you have any of these styles in your home already? Let me know in the comments below!

Eve x

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lupe says:

    I have a really soft Acapulco chair in my room that I love! So many accent chairs, thanks for sharing


  2. Love loving’ the tub chairs!


  3. Lisa's Notebook says:

    We have a couple of Lounge-style chairs in our Snug, and the Acapulco chair reminds me of a Lloyd Loom wicker chair I had as a child. I love the Shell chair too, I haven’t seen one of these before but it’s so pretty. I think I might look into one of these for our bedroom – thank you for sharing your recommendations 🙂 x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com


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