6 Features Every On-Trend Home Should Have

We are approaching the new year, which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about any changes that you would like to make for 2018. While most people focus on lifestyle and wellness changes, if your home is in need of an update, now could be the perfect time to focus on what you would like to do to the space.

With each year comes new trends, some of which are easy to predict and others that are hard to imagine until they become ‘big’. While this post can’t predict all of the household features that will be big, it can demonstrate a few of them.

So if you are thinking about updating your home ahead of the new year, or in the new year, below is a guide to six on-trend features that every home should have in 2018. Have a read of this, take note, and consider how you could incorporate these trends into your home.

1. Sustainable wooden surfaces

Whether it’s on the floors, walls, or countertops, real wood makes a statement. It’s beautiful, smart, and oh so stylish, and in 2018 it is set to be bigger than ever. With an increasing number of people moving towards sustainable living, natural materials like wood are becoming more and more popular each year.

Wood can be used to create a range of looks, from traditional, rustic design to ultra-modern style, there are various ways that wood can be incorporated into your home. The key is to think about what ways you love wood being used and to incorporate it into your home in a similar way.

For instance, did the last hotel you stayed in have a wooden accent wall in the bedroom or did the last restaurant that you ate at have hardwood floors that looked incredible? Think about how you personally like to see wood and find a way to incorporate this sustainable material into your home in that way.

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2. Wood heater

Once again, fireplaces are set to be huge in 2018. The fact is that since fireplaces have had a major design overhaul and have begun to be offered with a more modern design option, as well as the old, traditional style.

Wood heaters can look incredible in all manner of rooms, regardless of the design style. In traditional homes, an old-fashioned log fire can have a huge impact on the design and style of the space. In a modern home, a more updated fire design can look incredible.

If you take the time to have a browse on Pinterest, you can see some amazing ideas for incorporating fireplaces into almost any home. The key is to find a fireplace that is a good fit for your home’s design and style.

(Image Credit: Ultralinx)

3. Geometric wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper has been on-trend for the past few years but has been updated every season with small, subtle changes. The same is set to happen in 2018 – the geometric trend will remain big, but there will be some minor changes to the design.

For breathing an additional sense of style into a room via an accent wall, geometric wallpaper is amazing. It has the potential to transform a dull, dreary space into somewhere that is bright, bold and beautifully stylish.

This incredibly unique wallpaper comes in all manner of designs and styles, from matte-look wallpaper to glittery designs. So whatever type of space you want to create, incorporating geometric wallpaper could be a perfect fit.

(Image Credit: House Beautiful)

4. Neutral walls

2018 is set to be all about the neutrals. The true beauty of neutral walls – think cream and grey – is about to be known. In 2018, homes with neutral colour schemes are set to be big. People will realise the potential that neutral homes have, in terms of their ability to be customised and altered more easily each season.

The fantastic thing about the neutral trend is the fact that it works well in both traditional and modern spaces alike, and is something that works well in any space. It doesn’t matter your tastes, neutral design is the way forward, as you can use accessories to add a sense of style.

For an extra touch of style, chalkboard paint for walls (and furniture) is a must. This chalky, matter-look paint adds an extra touch of opulence and class to any space and is ideal for both traditional and more modern spaces.

5. Kitchen island

For larger kitchens, kitchen islands are a must-have feature, and in 2018 are set to become even more popular with interior designers and homeowners alike. In smaller kitchens, islands may not seem like a possibility, but there are plenty of kitchen islands designed for small spaces.

Created in all manner of materials, from sustainable wood and vintage metal to granite and marble, these moveable kitchen pieces will become a must-have feature for all on-trend homes in 2018.  

Islands come in a variety of shapes, from traditional rectangular kitchen islands to circular and square ones. So whatever type of space you have to fill, there is sure to be a design that is a good fit for the space.

(Image Credit: Roomstyler)

6. Scandinavian-inspired furniture

Create a space that opulent and indulgent with a selection of luxe, Scandinavian-inspired pieces of furniture. In 2018, these pieces of sleek, stylish furniture will become bigger than ever before, due to the increasing range of designs and styles that they come in.

For a room that has a smart and on-trend feel to it, Scandinavian-inspired furniture is ideal. For minimalist spaces, this type of furniture is perfect, as it naturally has that minimalist look and feel to it.


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(Image Credit: Interior4all)

There you have it, a guide to six features that every on-trend home should have in 2018. If you are in the process of revamping your home or moving to somewhere new and replacing all of your old furniture, hopefully, the above guide will help to make the process of choosing your home’s furniture, a much easier one.

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