Autumn/Winter 2018 interior trends from Maisons du Monde

Once again, Maisons du Monde have worked their magic and created 5 beautiful interior trends for Autumn/Winter. Rich tones, soft blues, animal print and luxurious velvets are just a few features you’ll be seeing everywhere this season. Below, I’ll be showing you how to create these exciting trends in your home this coming season.

Cosy Blue

It’s time to adopt the Danish lifestyle, switch to comfort mode and enjoy the little things in life with Cosy Blue. Fill your home with a palette of blues, warm throws and scented candles. Layer up the throws; plain, printed, furs and all, to create a cocoon of blue. All you have to do is settle down and relax!

For a more modern style, petrol blue is a real winner. From the walls to home accessories, there are countless ways to embrace the shade of the moment. Pair blue with light wood and natural materials such as linen, wool and ceramic. It creates a whole new take on Scandinavian design.

Maisons du Monde cosy blue
(Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

My top picks:

Cosy blue.jpg

  1. LEAVES Patterned 2-Drawer Storage Unit
  2. Gold Metal and Blue Ceramic Footed Planter H40
  3. Patterned Ecru and Anthracite Grey Cotton Throw 160×210
  4. Blue Cast Iron Teapot 1.2 L
  5. Forest Print Cushion 40×40
  6. Blue Ceramic Vase with Raindrop Print H30
  7. HORLOGE White World Map Clock
  8. White and Grey Cotton Basket
  9. RELIEF Pine 9-Opening Photo Frame 58×50
  10. SOFT COTTON Ceramic Scented Candle with Gold Lid H9
  11. Blue Velvet Two Tier Pendant
  12. STEVES blue cushion 45 x 45 cm
  13. LAROCHELLE Navy Blue Stool with Gold Metal Legs


Miss Bloom

Bring some warmth into your home this Autumn/Winter with Miss Bloom. From peach and blush, to fig and crimson; every shade will give your home a radiant complexion to help keep a smile on your face. Create an eclectic boudoir with a deep palette of plum pinks and earthy tones.

Build a beautiful bohemian look by piling up soft furnishings, decorating walls with mirrors and macrame and sprinkling seasonal flowers in every room. Add more interest with terrazzo prints and matte gold accessories, to create a more chic look.  Revisit childhood innocence and reminisce over the sweet little things.

(Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

My top picks:

Miss Bloom.jpg

  1. IMANY Marsala Red Metal Lamp
  2. Pink Ceramic Planter with Triangle Gold Holder H33
  3. CLEMENCE ROSY Pink and Gold Metal Globe
  4. Pink and White Ceramic Demijohn Vase H26
  5. DRACAENA 4-Hook Metal Coat Rack
  6. Floral Print Stool with Oak Legs
  7. EMY Antique Pink and Gold Metal Magazine Rack
  8. TORI Pink Cushion Cover with Multicoloured Print 40×40
  9. HOMAN Perforated Brass Pendant
  10. TERRAZZO 3-Drawer Paulownia Storage Box with Print
  11. HUGGY CAT Grey Cat Figurine H33
  12. Glass Hourglass with Plum Sand
  13. Pink Ceramic Eyes Planter H12

Emma & John

The Emma & John trend brings Autumnal colours, checked fabrics and natural materials to allow you to escape the daily grind. The pared-back, rustic style will give you plenty of room to breathe.

Mix mustard yellow, warm grey, global influences and geometric patterns for a simple, vintage inspired look. Embrace simple pastimes by filling woven baskets and creating herbariums to keep you in touch with nature. Emma & John’s industrial feel will update any living room, kitchen bedroom or home office. Group typography prints, checked stationery, neutral colours and wood and metal finishes, for a reimagined industrial atmosphere.

(Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

My top picks:

Emma & John.jpg

  1. Camel Pencil Case with White and Black Check Print
  2. JAMES Plant Fibre and Black Metal Stool
  3. AMSTERDAM COFFEE Checked Clock
  4. SOLVENNA Round Jute Placemat with Mandala Print
  5. Black Metal Basket with Gold Handle
  6. FOOD MARKET 4 Earthernware Verrines with Saucers and Bamboo Spoons
  7. EMSON Matte Black Metal Mirror 60×80
  8. 4-Drawer Paulownia Storage Box with Print
  9. MAYRA Black and Gold Metal Wall Lamp
  10. Pine Ladder Photo Montage Frame 25×60
  11. Slate and Mango Wood Rectangular Chopping Board
  12. ICA Jacquard Cotton Cushion Cover 40×40


Safari Party

Encounter adventure with Safari Party and relax in a luxury lodge for a lavish retreat. Global touches and animal motifs mingle amongst woven textures, beige and golden glints. Wildly cosy and soft! Wood, raffia, rope, bamboo; natural details bring a wild side to your decor. From a rattan headboard to a braided chandelier, welcome woven wonders in.

For a down to earth finish, add warmth with sumptuous fabrics like velvets or wool.  Tame the wild and welcome safari creatures, great and small to every corner. Or, set the scene for sophistication with candles and brass tableware, to create a glamorous environment for your guests.

Safari Party
(Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

My top picks:

Safari Party.jpg

  1. Mango Wood Tray with Zebra Print
  2. PANTHERE Zebra Print Earthernware Teapot
  3. Patterned Ceramic Vase H17
  4. KAKEMONO Tree Print Kakemono 51×44
  5. METEMMA Patterned Black and Ecru Cotton Cushion Cover 30×50
  6. LIMPOPO Fringed Beige Pouffe
  7. LEXA Gold Leopard Ornament H50
  8. EBONY Decorative Black Fir Ladder
  9. 4-Drawer Mango Wood Storage Box with Zebra Print
  10. COLADA Cut Out Rattan Pendant
  11. Porcelain Dinner Plate with Panther Print
  12. Gold Elephant Head Wall Art
  13. TIGER Gold Metal Lamp with Leopard Print Shade


Deep Velvet

The sunshine may be behind us, but exotic style is not just for the summer! Deep Velvet is a lush jungle of eccentricity, where art deco and tropical motifs combine together to brighten the home. Deep velvets help bring a luxurious feel to the season. Introduce a touch of elegance with emerald green and peacock blue, two bold colours to elevate your decor.

For textures, soft velvet is toughened up with brass accents whilst luscious green foliage and art deco accessories finish off the eclectic look. Create clashing contrasts with palm leaf motifs, velvet sofas, eccentric accessories and tropical details. Let your imagination run free around your home, there are no rules with this trend! However, it is easy to go overboard with this trend, so pare it back id it’s getting too bold for you!

(Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

My top picks:

Deep velvet .jpg

  1. Multicoloured Cotton Cushion Cover 40×40
  2. TROPIQUE Square Mustard Yellow Pouffe
  3. BOIS PRECIEUX Scented Candle in Glass Holder with Gold Lid
  4. ROMBO Eyelet Curtain with Graphic Print 140×250
  5. CIREBON Decorative Gold Metal Clock
  6. PALM Tropical Print Stool
  7. Gold Metal Lamp with Blue Velvet Shade
  8. TROPICAL Green and Gold Metal Magazine Rack
  9. TANARA Gold and Green Metal Dreamcatcher
  10. Gold Metal and Rubber Wood Coat Stand
  11. Artificial Monstera in Pot
  12. AGUAJE Orange Foliage Print Cushion Cover 40×40
  13. PURWOKERTO Midnight Blue Fringed Pouffe

Autumn/Winter 2018 is set to be very exciting for the world of interior design. I think that Mauisons du Monde have picked up on some very interesting ideas that are guaranteed to be everywhere during the colder months. I love the industrial accents from Emma & John, the boho glam vibes from Miss Bloom, the warm feel of cosy blue and the wild animal prints from Safari Party. However, my top trend would be Deep Velvet as the bold jewel tones and sumptuous velvets are always a winner in the Winter!

Which trend is your favourite? Please use the poll below to cast your vote and join the conversation in the comments:

Eve x

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  1. I’m loving Deep Velvet! It’s so rich and vibrant and yay for all the tropical vibes! I really love Miss Bloom too. Your posts always make me want to buy loads of new things for the home. Thanks for sharing Eve <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. I had a hard time choosing a favourite between Deep Velvet and Miss Bloom, they’re both very different looks but equally gorgeous. I love the magazine rack and globe from Miss Bloom and I adore the cushions and stool from Deep Velvet. Fab AW18 inspiration, time to go shopping, haha!

    Lisa |

  3. I feel like Cosy Blue would be such a lovely colour for a bedroom, it goes with greys too! I love crimson and I have fell in love with the sofa!! That is how I want my living room to look! That kitchen does look nice, but for me, I need a less cluttered kitchen, neat, marble and tidy. I would loveeee a velvet blanket on my bed, yes please!! x

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