How To Get The Love Island Look In Your Home And Garden

Yes it’s that time of year again. A cast of super attractive guys and girls strutting around a beautiful Spanish Villa for the chance to find love (or an extra few thousand instagram followers). While most viewers have probably been focusing on the people, I’ve been looking at the neon décor of the Love Island villa.

You can’t deny that the decor is sunny, bright and really gets you in the mood for summer. Neon accessories, rattan furniture and beach party vibes are key to the Love Island trend, and with these products, you can transform your living space into a summery Spanish villa that will make heads turn. If neon shades aren’t really your thing, you can still use the tips below to prepare for summer, just use a softer colour palette.

1.Add Pops Of Colour With Neon Signs

Neon signs always seem to pop up at this time of year. While I wouldn’t recommend decorating your home or garden with the words ‘lit’ or ‘banging’, you could get a touch of the villa vibes by adding some neon lights featuring relevant words to your garden wall or living room wall. For example, Olivia Silk (the famous blogger behind ‘Lust Living‘) has a neon sign that says ‘Lust’ on her living room wall. Amazon actually sells waterproof LED flexible strip lights that you can weave into your own sign.

Love island neon signs.jpg
(Image Credit: ITV)

2. Set The Mood With Fairy Lights

Twinkly lights are a signature of the Love Island villa. They have been strung across the garden in all directions to create a romantic atmosphere and resemble the night sky. You can create the same look in your own garden by hanging festoon lights up or even wrapping them around your tree trunks.

(Image Credit: ITV)

3. Gather Around The Fire Pit

If you watch Love Island, you’ll know the firepit is where all the drama and awkward recouplings go down. Despite this, the firepit and curved bench seating corner is actually a really cosy area. If you want to create a relaxing, romantic corner in your garden this summer, a firepit is an ideal solution. Let’s just leave the drama to the islanders, shall we?

(Image Credit: ITV)

4. Pile Up The Colourful Cushions

Adding bold cushions to your home is probably the easiest and cheapest way to bring the Love Island Villa to you this summer. Not only do they look really fun and vibrant, they also add comfort. Imagine sinking into a big pile of velvet cushions on your bed or sofa in the evenings.

(Image Credit: ITV)

5. Lounge Around On Colourful Bean Bags

The garden and pool looks similar to recent years but has now been decorated with colourful beanbags. These bean bags really help to liven up the villa grounds and make it feel a lot more fun. This would be a great way to liven up your garden at home.

Colourful bean bags
(Image Credit: ITV)

6. Add Pops Of Colour With Piped Bedding

The beds have been stylishly kitted out with bedding from River Island, with the pink piping adding to the bold white, pink, blue and yellow colour scheme. The neon pink piping on the bedding helps to pick out the pink edge of the headboard as well as the pink tones in the artwork.

Love Island Bedroom
(Image Credit: ITV)

To give you an idea of how to get this look in your home and garden, take a look at my product board below:

Love Island board numbered.jpg

  1. Kentia Palm – IKEA
  2. Oléron teak sun lounger on wheels – Maisons Du Monde
  3. Festoon lights – Garden Trading
  4. Velvet Riva Meridian Cushion Cover – Ebay

  5. Murcia Rustic Fire Pit – Limelace

  6. White pink border double duvet set – River Island
  7. Kiia Table lamp – Wayfair
  8. Chill out poster – Desenio
  9. Neon Love Pink LED wall light – Nedgis
  10. XL Indoor Outdoor Bean Bag – Beanbag Bazaar 

If this guide isn’t enough for you, you might be interested to know that you can hire the villa used for Casa Amor for your summer holiday! It costs between £4,572 to £8,128 per week for you and your friends.

What do you think of the villa this year? It’s certainly more bright and colourful than last year, and there seem to be way more cushions too. I did think the Islanders were a bit boring at the start of the series, but Casa Amor has made it a lot more interesting. Who are you rooting for this year? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Just love the bright colour cushions 🤗 when I get a house I probably will end up with lime green and white and grey all over. I for somehow just live lime green

  2. Currently we are redoing out garden/patio area and this is definitely a great post that has given me some inspiration. I definitely want to invest in some fairy lights now so I can sit out in the garden on those cool summer nights! Thank you!

  3. I have never watched Love Island but was addicted to the mobile game and I can see how accurately you designed this. Kudos to you! love the neon signs idea, I do have a lot of fairy lights in my room and a neon sign would look really cool.

  4. Love the concept of this post, I never thought I’d see myself reading an interiors post about Love Island. I really like the look of that fire pit! x


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