Mermaidcore: The Little Mermaid Is Taking Over Our Interiors

With The Little Mermaid film being released this month, it is no surprise that Mermaids will be influencing the interior design world. It’s currently dominating the world of fashion and beauty, so it makes sense that mermaidcore is trickling into interiors as the glitzier, younger sister of trends like the recent ‘coastal grandmother’ style. As the name suggests, the trend embodies all things mermaid, with a focus on ocean-inspired aesthetics. But far from being tacky (which you might assume), it could well be one of the most fun and elegant interior trends of 2023 so far.

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What is Mermaidcore?

Mermaidcore goes one step further than your classic coastal theme. It’s a glossy, ethereal aesthetic with plenty of shimmering accessories and seascape-style colours. Think pearly pinks, baby blues and turquoise inspired by the ocean, and elegant whites and ivory.

Etsy predict that mermaidcore will be one of the biggest trends of 2023. year. Many of their mermaidcore-inspired home accessories have already grabbed shoppers attention, with homes-enthusiasts drawn towards sea-inspired items. The big hits have been those with scalloped edges, and bubble-inspired decor. There has been a 125% increase in searches for scalloped runners, a 24% increase in searches for mother of pearl trays, and a growing interest in bubble-shaped light fixtures.

Searches for “scalloped” homeware were also up by 100% on Pinterest, with an increase of 500% for “turquoise”, indicating shoppers are looking to invite the seaside theme into their homes

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How can I get the Mermaidcore look in my home?

There are some simple ways you can tap into the trend in your home, with decor and accessories to achieve one of TikTok’s favourite trends for summer, from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more.

Ocean hues – Take a deep sea stylish dive into Mermaidcore with uplifting, joyful shades of sea blues and pastel jewel tones. Add splashes of playful pink, pearl and lilac to offset the darker shades of blue and bring some fun to the overall look. Or why not us my go-to colour, teal, and add some turquoise tones. 
Scalloped edges – A subtle nod to the sea, scalloped edges will add soft lines, with shell-shaped curves that can be seen on everything from cushions, vases, tablecloths and lighting. 
Sea motifs – Take inspiration from the magic and mystery of the sea with hints of nautical touches in your decor to bring the trend to life. Think starfish, coral, fish, and seahorses for a look Ariel herself would feel at home in!

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For me, this is quite an unexpected trend. I know that pop-culture influences fashion and interiors, but I didn’t think The Little Mermaid would have this much impact. I am a big fan of the sea-inspired hues and also the sea creature motifs. What do you think of this trend? Join the conversation in the comments.

Speak to you all soon,

Eve x

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  1. I love this trend! I have to say I’ve never thought to decorate my house because of a film but maybe I’m missing a trick?! There are some gorgeous pieces here! Maybe I need to start reinventing my living space…..

    1. Pop culture always inspires design, but I didn’t expect The Little Mermaid to have this much impact. I’m glad this post inspired you.

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