The top Interior Design trends that will rule in 2023

With 2023 approaching us at lightning speed, I thought now would be a great time to have a look at what the next year will bring in terms of Interior Design trends. From key furniture pieces like a bed or a sofa, to finishing touches like art prints and cushions, Interior design trends shape how we decorate and style our homes.

Interior design trends for 2023 are vast and varied. There are some exciting new materials and accent colours, but most importantly, there are new moods. Most of the moods tend to revolve around a spa-like sense of serenity, or a fun and patterned decorative boost of joy. Take a look below for the 5 interior design trends that I think will make the most impact on our homes in 2023.

1. Wavy Wood:

Kinked and curved, look out for the modern interpretation of the humblest of materials as a niche but appealing interior design trend for 2023. It’s a new wave. It’s time to banish straight-edged wooden furniture options in favour of the more fluid, organic form.

Be as overt or as subtle as you like with this trend. A simple curvy bowl or serving tray will look just as on trend as a wavy framed full-length mirror.

Wavy wood- interior design trend 2023

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2.Biophilic touches:

Biophilia is defined as humanity’s inherent desire to belong to and be a part of the natural world. In truth, it’s all about craving to interact and connect with forms of life beyond ourselves. For that reason, biophilic design is a process that brings the outside world inside by taking inspiration from nature.

One of the simplest ways to create biophilic interiors is to implement a nature-inspired color palette. Think natural woods, rattan and shades of green.

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3. Pops of primary colours:

Mondrian may be making a comeback! Primary colours are set to be big in 2023. With Pantone recently announcing that ‘Vivid Magenta’ is their colour of the year for next year, I think primary colours will be big. Bold shades of blue have gained a lot of popularity recently too. Pinterest have reported a 41% increase in searches for blue interiors. It also makes sense for yellows to become more popular as the sunny colour symbolises hope and happiness. I think we could all do with some joy in 2023 after the past couple of years! Loud and unapologetic, primary colours are high saturation and will add a playful charm to a space, bringing with them unmistakable energy. This will be a refreshing change from the more muted, neutral hues that have been popular this year.

If you’re feeling brave with this trend, consider colourful bed frames in blue or yellow. For a more subtle take on the primary colour trend, colourful art prints, cushions or decorative vases would still have a big impact in your space.

Pops of primary colour- interior design trend 2023

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4. Cocooning furniture:

Since the pandemic and the increase in working from home, you may have found yourself spending a lot more time horizontally than ever before. And the rising trend for snuggle-up, sink-in-to, cocooning furniture is evidence that comfort is key. There has been a shift in what customers are looking for some time now. More ‘homely’ comfort seating with deep cushions and more curves. Generally, a place to lie down as much as to sit. A lot of the cocooning furniture on the market right now is also made from soft, cuddly fabrics such as boucles and velvets, which adds to the comfort.

But the new cocooning furniture is no slouch; rather it’s sleek, chic and smart, as well as snuggly. Here are my top pics available on the high street.

Cocooning furniture - interior design trend 2023

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5. Wavy stripes:

Wavy stripes are, quite literally, making waves in the interior design world – and there is a good reason behind it. As mentioned above, our homes have become places of comfort, sanctuary and protection. Therefore, a lean towards colours, patterns, materials and shapes that provide people with a sense of emotional refuge makes a lot of sense. Waves are often associated with water and the ocean, which are known to create feelings of calm and relaxation. Patterns with wavy stripes are perfect for encouraging mindfulness in the home.

Wavy stripes- interior design trend for 2023

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Which trend above are you most excited to see? Are there any you are surprised about? I’m quite surprised about Primary colours making a comeback, but it would be fun if they do. Keep an eye out in January as I will be sharing more inspirational 2023 interior design trend content.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Christmas break. Speak to you in the New Year!

Eve x

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