Why I Love Anthropologie’s Styling (And You Should Too!)

The beautifully styled interior makes shopping at Anthropologie a magical retail experience. The soft, mood lighting, aroma of scented candles and use of house plants give the store a homely feel.

Anthropologie is world renowned for its bohemian inspired clothing, accessories and homeware ranges (and it’s price tag!). Their buyers and designers travel the world to uncover special products and to collaborate with talented artists. The result? A unique assortment that ranges from vintage to global. The teams have a commitment to creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship but hope to keep the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 17.58.26(Credit: Caleb Wong)

“Anthropologie has grown into a one-of-a-kind destination for those seeking a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor to reflect their personal style and fuel their lives’ passions.”

My top picks for this season are:

Here are a few snaps from Anthropologie’s store in Bath:

IMG_4114(My own photograph)

Store window displays are handmade by employees and local artists, meaning they are truly unique.

IMG_4123(My own photograph)

Check out these awesome fabric canvases. The colours compliment each other perfectly and give the décor contemporary edge.

IMG_4121IMG_4118(My own photographs)

I just LOVE these peg canopies too- the different coloured pegs are layered to create an ombre effect, which is very on trend right now. This could be a lovely DIY idea for a boho inspired bedroom.

IMG_4120IMG_4119(My own photographs)

A closer look at the clothes pegs which range from shades of purple, blue, green and natural wood.

IMG_2483(My own photograph)

The styling of the books looks rather Victorian and eclectic, as the cabinet shelves are different shapes and sizes. The bright colours of the books add a contemporary feel.

IMG_4132(My own photograph)

The styling of the crockery here is given a natural, rustic feel due to the combination of natural woods, wire baskets and plants. It also feels coastal due to the turquoise tones on the crockery and sandy tones of the woods and jug in the top left corner.

IMG_4124(My own photograph)

Downstairs, the stylists have used paint brushes and paint palettes as decoration. The handles of the paintbrushes cleverly pick out the colours in the clothes below.

IMG_4125IMG_4126(My own photographs)

The palettes have been splashed with paint (in the same colours as the paintbrush handles) and hung like a mobile. This eye-catching feature was just inside one of the windows, a lot of people stopped to have a look!

IMG_4131(My own photograph)

I love the composition of these paint cans, the stylists have played well with height and scale here. Cleverly, the leaves of the plant pick out the pink shades of paint.

So, if you haven’t been to an Anthropologie store yet (where have you been for the past two years?), I hope I have convinced you to visit!

Anthropologie graphic.png

See you again soon!

Eve x

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