5 Essential Tools for Interior Bloggers

There’s a common misconception that bloggers just write. This is far from the truth. Alongside writing creative text, bloggers must develop attention-grabbing topics, create eye-popping visuals, and promote their posts on social media. Luckily, there are lots of useful apps, online tools and software that can make our blog posts look beautiful with minimal effort. They can help us in saving time and optimising our workflow, that’s to say in making more work done in less time and more money at the end of the month.

Here are my 5 top tools for interior bloggers:


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. Basically, all the pins on Pinterest that involve text and images, have probably been made on Canva. It has a huge variety of templates and a number of categories such as blog headers, infographics, Facebook posts and logos. These templates are all the perfect size for their purpose and can be edited to your taste.

I love it because it makes creating graphics really quick simple. I mostly use Canva to create my Pinterest graphics for my blog posts. I have basically set up a template for this, so each time I create a new blog post, I simply change the background image and title text.

Here’s an example of a Pinterest graphic I would create using Canva:


Awin is a global affiliate network with a wide range of furniture and home accessory suppliers. Simply put, affiliate marketing is promoting a brand’s products and earning a small commission when someone clicks on your link or purchases a product. It’s a great way to make money from blogging, however, it does take time to make a large amount of money. Affiliate marketing can also be a great way to connect with brands – if you end up having a good relationship you can get great opportunities such as paid promotional posts and discount codes.

If you’ve been looking to start affiliate marketing, I’d highly recommend Awin as it is easy to use and implement on your blog. Feel free to send me a message if you need any help or advice. If you’d like to join Awin, you can do so through this link.


Now, this is one of the best essential tools for interior bloggers as it provides amazing results fast! It’s a very straight forward design program that allows stunning visuals in a fraction of the time that CAD software takes. Basically all of the renders I use in my blog posts have been created through roomstyler.

To create a visual, you need to start by drawing the floor plan. Then you add the doors/windows and can change the flooring and wall textures. Now comes the fun part- adding all the furniture! Unfortunately, roomstyler has a limited range of furniture, so you need to pick pieces that best represent what you are looking for. Then, simply click ‘Take a 3D photo’ and it will start to render fo you. You can pay more to have renders in higher definition too. For a more in depth tutorial, please read this blog post.

Here is a close look at my latest render:

(Image created by me on Roomstyler.com)

4.Photoshop/ Photo editing

Photoshop is a fairly expensive piece of software, but it’s more than worth the price. It may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s simple once you get the hang of it. For bloggers, it is important that images in your posts look professional. Photoshop/ photo editing can really work wonders. Even if you can only take photos on a phone, photoshop can greatly improve the appearance of them.

I also use Photoshop to create my mood boards and product boards, but this can also be done on Canva or Roomstyler.

5.Digital SLR Camera

Obviously, this is quite an expensive tool, but it’s definitely worth the investment! The quality of photos on an SLR camera is far superior to that of a phone. When choosing a blogging camera, think about your budget and what your needs are. While a point and shoot or a compact camera could work, an interchangeable lens camera may be the best option. Being able to change lenses will offer more flexibility and set up a kit perfect for the subject you’re shooting. A high-quality lens on a budget body will give you far better results than a more expensive body with a low-quality lens.

I use an Olympus Pen E-PL7 interchangeable lens camera and it has never let me down. It’s small and lightweight too which means it’s easy to transport. There are a number of extra lenses you can buy to make your interior photography pop too. You can purchase your pen here.

Here are a few photos I took using my Olympus Pen camera:

Coffee table tray styling with plants and candles

Aubrey Bay Coconut Lime soy candle

So that concludes my top 5 essential tools for interior bloggers. The tools listed above can really help to elevate your blog and make it look more professional. Investing in the tools above has helped me to create a blog I can be proud of. How many of the tools above do you have/use? Are there any tools here that really interest you? Let me know in the comments.

Speak again soon,

Eve x

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    1. Canva and photoshop are fab blogging tools- for all kids of bloggers. I love all the templates that Canva offers as it makes the design process so much faster and easier x

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