Inside Stockholm’s Hotel With Urban Deli

Earlier this month, I went on a little holiday to Sweden with my boyfriend. We stayed at Stockholm’s Hotel with Urban Deli and had a fantastic time. With it’s cool industrial style and prime city location, it was the ideal place to stay for us.

Hotel With is located downstairs from a full-scale Urban Deli with a restaurant, bar, food hall, lounge, café, convenience store, a food studio as well as rooftop park. Plus, the hotel is perfectly located right next to the subway station and only a few blocks from Stockholm Central Station. Staying at Hotel With Urban Deli you have Stockholms best shopping, restaurants and nightclubs only few blocks away.

The deli and food market: 

As soon as you enter the hotel, you are greeted with the bustling deli and market. The deli (along with the cafe and restaurant spaces) are open to the public so they were busy most of the time during our stay.

The polished concrete flooring and exposed pipes on the ceiling give this space a modern, industrial feel.

Hotel with Urban Deli's food market
(Image Credit: Hotel With Urban Deli)

The bedrooms:

All rooms at Hotel With Urban Deli are below street level meaning you can sleep easily without the disturbing sunlight creeping in! The rooms are equipped with fine beds, state of the art air conditioning, powerful sound- and media systems and free wifi. I slept so well in this bed as the pillows were the comfiest ones I have ever used! Another massive benefit for light se=leepers like me is the rooms are almost completely soundproof. I didn’t hear any noise from the restaurant above or people in the corridor.

What really drew me to this hotel was the stunning and creative interiors. The bedrooms are modern and playful but functional at the same time. There was a small wardrobe built into the wooden structure on the right side of the bed. On the left side, 3 clothes hooks were attached to the wall for your coats/jackets. There was also space under the floating bed to store a small amount of luggage. Another really cool feature was the lighting under the bed that was activated by your feet touching the floor.

Hotel With Urban Deli's creative bedrooms

The attention to detail was amazing at this hotel. I particularly loved the urban pipe style shelf next to the TV. Not only was this aesthetically pleasing, but it was a handy place to put things such as the room key.

Industrial pipe wall shelf

Bedrooms all have a beautiful en suite bathroom featuring black taps and showerhead, a marble sink, and frosted glass walls for discretion. The monochrome scheme gives the bathroom such a sleek and modern feel which I love. It has convinced me even more that I want black taps in my bathroom one day!

Hotel With Urban Deli sleek bathrooms

Hotel With Urban Deli bathroom detail

Another really cute feature is each hotel room gets its very own front door! This is such a fun, quirky detail that helps make this hotel unique. Once again, the metal accents, exposed pipework and rough walls help to create a modern industrial vibe.

Hotel With Urban Deli quirky corridor

The restaurant and cafe space:

The cafe space was extremely busy, especially in the mornings and Friday evening. But it was the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day exploring the city.

This space had a great mix of cafe-style seating and more comfortable options such as booths and sofas. The natural woods, concrete touches and black metals help to bring the industrial vibe from the deli through into the common area and throughout the rest of the building. The neon lighting is a cool touch too. I really love how eclectic this space is, yet it still feels tied together.

Hotel With Urban Deli quirky cafe space

Quirky industrial cafe space

There is even a ‘shared work space’ downstairs just before the entrance to the hotel. This space was a little more tucked away and private, but the style flows through. I love the tiered seating with the little tables. It is really quirky and modern but is also practical.

Hotel With Urban Deli common space

The rooftop park:

We went to the rooftop park at about 5pm and noticed it is clearly the place where locals go to meet friends for drink after work. It has such a relaxed vibe and plenty of places to sit and relax. They have a really cool swing that you can sit on too and get the perfect insta photo.

Hotel With Urban Deli rooftop park

The views were really beautiful, especially as the sun was just starting to set. Plus, we were sat up here when the travel corridor between the UK and Sweden was announced!

View from stockholm hotels rooftop

Get the look:

Before you go, I wanted to show you a product board that I created to allow you to give your bedroom a ‘Hotel With Urban Deli’ style makeover.

Hotel With Urban Deli product inspiration board

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Thanks so much for reading. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hotel With Urban Deli and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to enjoy Stockholm to its fullest. It was so lovely to get away from all the negativity in the UK for a few days too! Have you managed to go on holiday this year? Or has Covid ruined your travel plans? Join the discussion in the comments below.

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Speak to you soon,

Eve x

17 thoughts on “Inside Stockholm’s Hotel With Urban Deli

  1. I love this hotel for its prime location and access to food shops. I love the interior but the only drawback for me is the absence of windows. It’s alright I can stay for a day or 2.

    1. I’d highly recommend it, it is in the perfect location. The window thing wasn’t an issue as my bedroom in my apartment doesn’t have a window so I’m used to it haha. It’s fine to not have a window for a few days x

    1. Stockholm is such a beautiful city, I would recommend it. The deli and cafe areas were really cool and industrial. x

  2. I love that the hotel has a deli, that’s super unique and handy! The decor looks great. Stockholm is on my travel list so I’ll need to keep this place in mind!

    Ashleigh | The Ashmosphere

    1. Thanks for reading, Ashley. It’s such a unique and quirky place. Definitely bare it in mind if you do go to Stockholm! x

  3. Much as I’d love to visit Sweden (it’s been on my bucket list for ages) I’m not sure I could sleep underground as I am terribly claustrophobic. But I do love the industrial look and I’m a big fan of polished concrete. Thank you for sharing this, Eve, it was very interesting!

    1. I will admit, I felt a bit claustrophobic to begin with too! Although I am used to sleeping with no window as my bedroom in my apartment is all internal walls. The industrial style of the hotel and common spaces was very cool and quirky. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it x

  4. That sounds like such a fun hotel! Love the idea of a deli within and that pipe shelf adds the finishing touch! In which part of Stockholm is it located?

    1. It was a really fun and unique hotel. The deli within the hotel was a really clever idea- I wish more hotels took that idea! It’s in Norrmalm, right in the centre of Stockholm. x

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It was a really lovely stay, the rooftop park was definitely one of the highlights for me. x

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful. I love the design around the bed as well, but the bathroom is the highlight for me. I’m glad you had a good time. Covid ruined my plans this year! x


    1. I’m sorry to hear that Covid ruined your travel plans this year, Sophie. It has been designed so well, the attention to detail is amazing. Yeah the bathrooms were really cool and modern. x

    1. Thanks Sophie. It was such a beautiful and unique hotel- definitely one of the best I’ve ever stayed at. Hopefully you’ll get out and travel again soon x

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