5 On-Screen Rooms to Inspire Your Interior Design

Your home’s design says more about you than you may think. Some people like to surround themselves with modern pieces of furniture, some like their homes bare, while some like to design their homes with pieces inspired by their favourite books, movies and TV series. For example, if you want to transport yourself back in time, Netflix original Stranger Things has beautiful 80s-inspired decor that you can copy for your own home. I wrote about it here on Eve Morgan Interiors and noted how it’s reminiscent of the works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. If you’re into classical designs, I’ve also written about how the movie The Incredibles 2 puts a modern twist on mid-century decor. So, here are some more on-screen inspired home interiors to inspire you:

Amélie’s Classic French design

The French have a very relaxing and cosy way of designing their homes, and the movie Amélie shows you exactly how to do that. The set design features richly saturated colours and vintage-inspired details. Bright reds, oranges, and greens sound hard to pull off.  The movie shows you that it’s very possible.

 Here are some more on-screen inspired home interiors to inspire you.
(Image Credit: Amelie 2002)

Eat Pray Love’s exotic interiors

Eat Pray Love was shot in a variety of locations, including New York City, Rome, Naples, Delhi, and Bali, and the latter is perhaps the most notable when it comes to interior design. The locations in the film are rustic and exotic with just the right amount of modern pieces. This is great if you want something inviting and relaxing, without compromising your tech and contemporary pieces.

 Here are some more on-screen inspired home interiors to inspire you
(Image Credit: Eat Pray Love 2010)

The Royal Tenenbaums interior perfection

Elle Decor notes that every Wes Anderson film can be a huge interior design inspiration. However, this particular movie takes the cake, next to the movie Grand Budapest Hotel, of course. Each room of the Tenenbaums has unexpected and out-of-place details that can give your home a very Instagramable-chic appeal.

 Here are some more on-screen inspired home interiors to inspire you.
(Image Credit: The Royal Tenenbaums 2002)

Sherlock Holmes’ artsy Baker Street flat

Take it from everyone’s favourite detective: solving crimes is best done with a cup of tea, while you’re sitting in your favourite chair. House & Garden note that the famous sleuth’s flat is a mixture of classic and modern design. His favourite chair can be a little challenging to find online, but you can get his reading lamp from IKEA. You can build your home’s interior from there, adding in a few pieces of eclectic and antique accessories.

The fact that people are looking to replicate Sherlock’s, somewhat chaotic flat is a testament to the popularity of the character. Even though his creator Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930, the character has continued to be reinvented every few years. Whether it is in traditional mediums like the novel, film, and television or non-traditional platforms like online gaming. Slingo Slots has online mobile games inspired by the famous sleuth including Sherlock Holes: The Hunt For Blackwood and Holmes and the Stolen Stones. The character has become iconic and fans with different interests, including interior design, want to replicate what they see.

(Image Credit: BBC)

Sex and the City’s mainstream interior

If you want something more relatable and more personal, take a look at the flats on Sex and the City. As the series progresses, you’ll see the evolution of each space. Vogue lists Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone apartment as one of the best on-screen inspirations for interior designers.

 Here are some more on-screen inspired home interiors to inspire you.
(Image Credit: Sex and the City)

Is there a particular film or TV show interior that you love? Let me know in the comments below.

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