8 Foolproof Colour Schemes

1.Grey and Yellow:

Teaming soft yellow with versatile grey creates a calming yet upbeat feel.

This trends works particularly well when mixing a variety of different textures, such as weaves, woods and wicker. Be careful when choosing your greys, if natural light is in short supply, pale greys will look cold and charcoals will look too dark.

Grey and Yellow bedroom
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2.Green and Black:

This nature inspired colour scheme makes a bold impact, while still being easy on the eye.

Embrace the botanical look by including natural motifs on fabrics and wallpapers or adding a few plants to bring the outside in. The key to nailing this colour palette is to use monochrome furniture, whites will add a pop and help elevate the darkness. Don’t be afraid to gather a collection of eclectic objects.

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3.Blush and Grey:

Soft and muted, this chic combination gives a new gender-neutral identity to pink.

Whether you prefer the industrial style, modern country or Scandinavian, this colour palette will easily adapt to suit every taste. The key to this trend is to mix rough textures with smooth ones by pairing matt and gloss surfaces. Linen throws, wool blankets and wicker baskets add warmth and cosiness to the scheme.

blush and grey bedroom
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4.Indigo and White:

Indigo is the deepest of blues, with the most intensity, so, make it sing with pure, bright white.

Why not go for an Indigo statement wall paired with white accessories to lift the scheme. For a softer look, use tie dyed or dip-dyed fabrics, or use bold Ikat style prints for a bolder geometric look. Rough finishes, such as raw wood and distressed paintwork, help to lessen the intensity too.

indigo and white bedroom
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5. White on White:

Elegant yet relaxed, an all white scheme can make an interesting statement.

Bear in mind that not all whites match, but it’s fine to mix pure white with tones of pearl, buff and buttermilk to add depth and dimension. Add warmth to the scheme through textures such as natural woods, wicker and even marble to luxe up the look. Decorating with white is far more complex than it looks as every choice is critical.

white on white
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6.Aubergine and Black:

These deep tones create a warm and cosy scheme with a hint of decadence.

Layering different tones of the same colour can create depth, so try pairing dusky mauves and deep aubergines to stop the scheme looking flat. Oversized, bold prints in black or redcurrant will help to lift the look. Don’t be afraid to update this look with a few modern pieces, such as glass tables, modern lighting or even concrete gems (as pictured in the photo below).

(Image credit: http://www.we-are-scout.com)

7.Teal and Burnt Orange:

The contrasting colour combination in this palette creates energy and balance.

Teal is the perfect colour to use for unwinding, so be sure to use it in the correct room. Either a cosy living room or a relaxing bedroom. Break up the block of teal with accessories, wall art and mirrors to add light and interest. This scheme can look rather heavy, so be sure to bounce as much light around as possible.

Teal and Burnt Orange living room
(Image credit: http://www.ladydarwin.com.au/).

8.Black and White:

This timeless classic pairing makes a confident statement in any setting.

This classy palette works with any room style from industrial chic to country as it can be used with traditional or contemporary furniture styles. You can add an organic feel to the scheme through use of natural plants displayed in monochromatic pots. Don’t be afraid to include graphic artwork and typography if the room has a contemporary feel. Also, if you are not comfortable with a bold black feature wall, why not paint a smaller area and turn it into a chalkboard.

black and white lounge
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Hopefully this post has inspired you to update your interior, trust me, these schemes will turn heads!

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