An Interview With Topology Interiors

Meet Amy and Athina, the dynamic design duo behind the virtual interior design company and interior blog, Topology Interiors. Topology Interiors is the UK’s home of affordable interior design and has revolutionised the way people can design their homes on a budget. London-based Athina and Berlin-based Amy set up Topology as they knew that great style doesn’t have to come at a cost. They have an online design service from just £150 per room, offering stunning interiors for a very affordable price. They use their award-winning blog to share their top tips, style secrets and blogger gossip with their avid readers. 

On top of their success, they now run Interior Business Booster Workshops for anyone that needs advice how to run a business and boost your blog. I went to one of these workshops last year and it has been so beneficial to my blog and social media.

So, let’s find out more about this awesome company and the ladies behind it…


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How did you get into interior design?

We both studied different things at University (Amy, English & Athina, Classics) but left with a passion for interiors and home design. Athina went off to work in the luxury furniture industry and soon realised there was a market for affordable interior design & Amy worked in property. Organically this grew into combining our knowledge & thus Topology began! Together we have a great foundation of knowledge from fabrics, to trade, to product ordering, to logistics to colour schemes etc.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We have a small London base in Clerkenwell so spend most of our days working from here dealing with what the day offers us. This can be anything from general design enquiries that come through, to creating Instagram content, to creating interior schemes for both our digital clients (we offer rooms designs from £150 per room) and our more traditional clients (e.g. residential homeowners, developers etc). Generally, most of our time is probably spent in front of a computer compiling schemes together and creating presentations to send off to clients but we do often have in person consultations all over London. Amy also spends most of her time in Berlin as well so she works from out there.


How would you describe your signature style?

Individually we have very different styles. Amy is more of a retro, minimalist, contemporary whereas Athina is more Scandi, rustic, eclectic look. Together though we always create something that just blends! Call it the Topology style as we can’t think of a specific name!
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Does your own home reflect your professional style?

I think as we’re both renters there is only so much we can do to our properties to reflect our style but yes generally we’ve tried to put a stamp on our own homes to inject our own personality. Athina, in fact, got permission to rip out the landlord’s kitchen & import a brand new kitchen in there…as well as permission to get rid of half of the furniture!


What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

We really enjoyed working with Habitat in 2016 to create an bright electric blue room design catered towards small space living :


Where do you look for interior inspiration?

All over the place! From the streets we walk down, to trade shows such as Milan, to Pinterest & to of course the marmite of all inspiration – Instagram! We both however love taking inspiration from architecture around us, Amy is an avid Instagram story uploader of when she sees interesting and inspiring shapes & colour.
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Do you have any top tips for someone wanting to redesign their home?

Don’t rush into buying everything at once, the best homes form over time. Create shopping lists and keep items you like on there and keep adding & changing it, as naturally you’ll come across items you prefer now again that bump others off your list. When you’ve had a specific item on there for a long time, chances are it’s the best item.


What are your top trend predictions for 2020?

Home design with a conscious influence – i.e. no waste, sustainable materials, muted but cosy colours, items that are handmade and stand the test of time.
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I would like to thank Athina and Amy for taking the time out of their very busy schedules to chat with me. Hopefully, this interview has left you feeling inspired! I love their no-nonsense approach to interior design and their sleek style.
If you would like to find out more about Topology Interiors, find a link to their website here and Instagram here.
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