2020 Interior Trends According To Maison & Objet and Spring Fair

This year, I was lucky enough to visit Maison & Objet in Paris and Spring Fair in Birmingham. Maison & Objet is said to be among the 3 most important European events for interior design, housing a huge collection of innovation and talent all in one place. While Spring Fair is the UK’s number one home and gift show for the retail industry. Although both exhibitions were completely different, I noticed a lot of  2020 interior trends appeared in both.

Here are my top 5 trend highlights.

Fluted texture:

You won’t find a flat surface in sight as fluted detail, found on everything from walls to furniture, continues to bring tactility and texture to interiors. This really is a versatile and liveable trend that lends itself to contemporary and classic schemes alike. A continuation of a trend that initially re-emerged during 2019, for 2020 we’re seeing it evolve into more intricate pleating. Fluting was seen in upholstery as well as harder surfaces such as fluted wood on sideboards.

Bloomingville fluted daybed
Bloomingville’s beautiful fluted daybed – Maison et Objet 2020

How to get the look in your home:

Fluted and ribbed

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Boucle texture:

2020 will see our love affair with deep-pile textiles continue with the rise of heavy-weight wools, bouclé and sheepskin taking centre stage. It started on the catwalk and is now firmly fixed as a staple texture for a warm and inviting home. The looped yarns, often in several subtle shades, create a raised ‘curled’ quality that gives a sophisticated but cosy feel. Use as accent texture in scatter cushions, or make a bold statement by using on a sofa or occasional chair.

Liang and eimil- maison et objet 2020
Liang and Eimil – Maison et Objet 2020
sheepskin chair Eichholtz - Maison et Objet 2020
Eichholtz sheepskin chair – Maison et Objet 2020

How to get the look in your home:

Boucle textures

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Terracotta tones:

In 2019, we started to see the introduction of more earthy tones into our homes. Rusty oranges and earthy reds are still going to be everywhere in 2020 according to Maison et Objet and Spring Fair. Beautiful sun-scorched hues including warm terracottas, saffron and burnt reds all have a warming quality and offer a sense of connection to the natural world. I’m not normally a fan of oranges and reds, however, this hot 2020 interior trends is really growing on me.

Alto paris
Terracotta hues by Alto – Maison et Objet 2020
sass and belle
Sass and Belle at Spring Fair 2020

How to get the look in your home:

Terracotta products

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Cane furniture seems to be having something of a revival at the moment and I am definitely not complaining! Cane and rattan furniture in general has been popular over recent years but this year Cane rattan is stealing the spotlight. I spotted Cane used in a variety of products such as sofas, sideboards, screens and even lighting at both exhibitions. I think it’s safe to say this popular retro material will be here to stay for the next few years.

Zago at Maison et Objet 2020
bluebone at spring fair
Bluebone at Spring Fair 2020

How to get the look in your home:

Cane rattan guide

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Lozenge shapes and arches:

While walking around Maison et Objet, it didn’t take long to notice that lozenge shapes and curved forms were absolutely everywhere! The Deco-inspired curved furniture will continue to take over in 2020, with a much sleeker look. Over the next year, expect to see a move towards gentle curves that almost mimicking the human form – in favour of angular shapes and sharp lines.

curved forms -maison et objet
Curved forms from Dooq details – Maison et Objet 2020

How to get the look in your home:

arches and lozenges

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Do any of the 2020 interior trends above catch your eye? I think my personal favourites are terracotta, rattan and the gorgeous fluted daybed from Bloomingville. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Eve x

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  1. All of the items on this post are so gorgeous! I want all of these in my flat. I can’t wait until I can hopefully buy my own house one day and fully decorate and furnish it! X

  2. These trends are beautiful. I particularly liked “Lozenge shapes and arches”. I just loved how modern it looked. I have yet to really get into interior design but I am happy I stumbled upon your blog! Thank you for these inspired ideas.

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