Apartment series: Colour Scheme Inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I recently moved out of my family home and into an apartment with my boyfriend. Being a designer, the first thing I did after putting my deposit down was to plan my colour palette!

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite difficult to design your own home when you are an interior designer. This is partly due to the pressure of your family/friends/followers as they expect your home to be beautifully designed. But, it is also down the constant shift of design trends. Designers are constantly exposed to new design ideas and colour trends which then influence their own style. One day you could be really into navy blue interiors, then you see a press release of blush pink chairs which makes you change your mind. So, how did I chose my colour palette?

My starting point was to use teal as an accent colour as I already had a few cushions and accessories in that colour from my uni house. I then went onto Pinterest to find some colours that work well with teal. The top results were mustard, copper and blush pink. For me, I just thought blush pink helped to soften the palette and make it look a bit more feminine. A lot of image results for teal and blush interiors featured brass metalwork, which I thought looked a bit too blingy for my taste. Instead, I liked the idea of black metal accents as it has a more edgy look (see the picture of the bedroom on my board below).

This is the colour concept board I created as a guide for myself to follow:

Colour scheme inspiration: Teal, blush, mint and grey

Because our apartment is rented, we can’t put wallpaper up or repaint the walls. The good thing about a new build apartment is the walls are normally white, so we’ve got a blank canvas to work with. Colour can then be brought in through furniture and accessories. Furniture wise, I’m going for a Scandi scheme with industrial touches. Think natural woods, black details, clean lines and pops of colour.  Here’s a little sneak peek of my dining area so far:

Instagram dining room.jpg
(Image Credit: My own image)

What do you think of my colour palette inspiration? Has this post given you ideas on how to create a colour palette for your own home? Let me know in the comments!

Also, keep an eye on my blog and insta profile over the next week or so as I will be posting a few more photos of my new home for you to see…

Speak to you soon,

Eve x


12 thoughts on “Apartment series: Colour Scheme Inspiration

  1. The colours you picked are so gorgeous! Teal and light pink look absolutely amazing together. I think with gold accents it would also look really great! X

    1. Thanks Corinne! That sounds like a lovely colour palette – gold and dark green look beautiful together. Black furniture is also a good choice as it is timeless and works as a good base colour x

  2. Very pretty colour palette, I love the teal. While most of our house is a very ‘natural’ tone with browns, tans, creams, etc, I decided I wanted my office space to be it’s own separate location (as I like to think of separating my work space vs my home space). It’s a very modern black and white design with pops of red for colour.

  3. Love the colour palette – I have a similar scheme in my front room (green/pink/copper/white). Those chairs are lovely!

  4. This colour palette is STUNNING! The blues/pinks work so well together and it has a really calming effect. I’m figuring out the colour palette for my new flat at the moment and it’s stressful because my taste changes so much! Good luck with your move. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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