Why Is Cane Furniture So Popular In 2019?

Cane furniture seems to be having something of a revival at the moment and I am definitely not complaining! Cane and rattan furniture in general has been popular over recent years but this year Cane rattan is stealing the spotlight. Cane furniture was the star of the show at Maison and Objet in Paris earlier this year and has featured in a number articles in magazines such as Elle Decoration. So, what makes this material so popular?

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As you probably know, trends from the 70s have made a major comeback in the interiors world. This was a time period where rattan furniture was very on trend. Maybe it’s no surprise that the best-dressed homes will have an element of this vintage flashback too. But this is not your grandma’s cane furniture. This rattan open-weave resurgence includes a new look with a modern edge as well as killer vintage pieces that are getting a new life. We’re talking everything from small accessories like trays and stools to sideboards, bedframes and wardrobes.

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So what is Cane and how is it made? Caning is a method of weaving surface used for furniture. The term for the material, cane, is derived from the peeled bark of the rattan stalk which is originally from a tropical area of the world and most commonly found in South East Asia. Mistakenly, a lot of people confuse caning with wicker. However, Wicker is the woven technique used to make products out of natural materials such as rattan core, willow and rush. Basically, chair caning is the craft of applying rattan cane or rattan peel to a piece of furniture commonly the backs or seats of chairs, whereas wicker or wickerwork is a reference to the craft of weaving willow or rattan reeds as well as man-made cords.

Cane screen
(Image Credit: Livet Hemma for IKEA)

There are so many products on the market that feature this lightweight and aesthetically pleasing material. Here are my top picks: 

Cane rattan guide.jpg

  1. Waska Rattan Oak Cabinet – LaRedoute
  2. Gerald Mango Bedside Table with Cane Door – Cuckooland
  3. Cane Webbing Room Divider Black – Smallable
  4. Reema King Size Bed Natural Oak/Cane – Made.com
  5. Screen Hanging Caning Suspension – Trouva 
  6. Raphia Sideboard Mango/Black – Swoon
  7. Grönadal Rocking Chair – IKEA
  8. Cane Tripod Floor Lamp – Zuiver

The best news about this trend is it’s so easy to source beautiful, top quality products. If you are a savvy shopper you can pick up great bits of vintage cane furniture on online auction sites, flea markets, house clearance sales and car boot sales. I’m loving where this look can take you but you can easily overdo it. My advice would be to select a couple of stand out pieces then add some house plants to complete the look.

What do you think of cane furniture? Would you have it in your home or do you think it should stay in the 70s? Let me know in the comments below.

Eve x


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  1. Jo says:

    Yes! I love it. It’s adds a nice texture to a room and works great with a vintage or coastal style. There are some great older pieces on Facebook Marketplace.

    1. Eve Morgan says:

      It definitely does ad texture to a room. I agree that it works nicely with coastal or vintage decor, however, it also looks stunning in modern scandi style homes too which makes it very versatile.

  2. Aaliyah says:

    I love this! Anything with this technique is so pretty, I only just learnt what this type of furniture is from your post and I definitely want to look into it more. The lamp is so gorgeous! X

  3. I don’t know much about interiors so I didn’t know this had come back into fashion but I really like it! I love the retro feel to it as well as the fact that for minimalist rooms, this style of decor / furniture would go really well for a light, airy feel!


  4. glowsteady says:

    I think cane is such a weird one, sometimes it looks amazing and others are awful. I love that wardrobe in the first photo. The room divider looks great too x


  5. Nancy says:

    It is so interesting to learn that cane furniture is popular! Though, I should probably know better since my family is from Asia. I love how trendy they look! Thanks for sharing all of these pieces of furniture!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. Eena says:

    How interesting! I remember seeing cane furniture back when I lived in Asia. Glad to see them getting more popular again!

  7. Soph Hearts says:

    Isn’t it crazy how trends always have a way of coming back around?! I really like the natural look of cane.
    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

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