My latest uni project, ‘Domestic Living’, involved redesigning a living room for clients, the Lloyd family.

The family live in a 1930’s semi –detached property on the edge of Winchester. As a corner plot it has a good size garden.

Recently the family have decided to extend their house and make it more contemporary. The plans will make use of the current living space but open it out to a family room and open plan kitchen/diner. They are keen to create a modern /contemporary look, especially in the kitchen diner, where they want it to have a very grown up feel.

The living room currently houses many art works along with small collections though ultimately with more space they’ll be able to enjoy their belongings with more of a gallery experience, however they still want to be able to live in the space and call it home. Their home also features a lot of Peter’s artwork which is very bold! They are certainly not afraid of colour!

(Artwork by Peter Lloyd)

I found it quite tricky to create a concept that suited the whole family’s needs and requirements. I really wanted to use bold colours to link to Peter’s work but I also wanted the space to feel modern and sophisticated.

I was asked to create two different schemes, one bold and one more pared back. This is what I came up with:

Bold concept board(Credit: My board)

Calm and contemporary_finished_edited-1(Credit: My board)

The next step was to pitch both concepts to the client to see what they prefer. They decided to go with ‘Modern Eclectic’.

Lloyds floorplan

The next step was to design the space. The living area is actually a lot smaller than it looks which makes it difficult to create a functional layout. I decided to follow a similar layout to the plans as it made the most sense.

So, here is what I designed:


Final vectorworks lloyds viewport 2(Credit: My work)

As you can see, it makes quite a statement! I decided to use panelling to reflect the heritage of the building, but I waned to bring it into the 21st century by painting it in a very bold blue.

Final vectorworks lloyds viewport 1(Credit: My work)

I wanted to keep this corner very cozy. They said that they wanted a space where they can entertain guests but also relax in the evenings.

Final vectorworks lloyds viewport 4(Credit: My work)

I also decided to create a bench seat in the alcove which can be used for reading or for the children to do their homework.

Domestic visuals board blog(Credit: My work)

This was a really interesting project for me as it really pushed me out of my comfort zone! I used colours and furniture styles that I don’t normally use, however, I think I managed to pull the scheme together quite well!

What are your thoughts? Would you go this bold in your home?

Eve x

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