Desenio offers a trendy, broad assortment of posters, prints and frames. They provide great inspiration and ideas on their website where you can view their wide collection. If you are a fan of stylish and minimalistic Scandi-inspired artwork, you’re gonna love them!

Personally, I love their styling shots. They manage to think of creative ways to display their work to its full potential.

I’ve picked my top 10 prints to show you a range of their collection:

  1. Forest Poster:

    This beautiful poster features a forest and fog. Nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration to Scandinavian interior design, the most important aspects being the use of light colour schemes and simplistic shapes. Clean lines and a light and pale colour palette scream Scandinavian.
    I love the styling here as the wire grid adds a bold contemporary edge. The use of greenery and natural materials help to reinforce the dreamy, Scandinavian feel.

    Desenio 1

  2. Baby Giraffe Poster:

    This cute print is specifically tailored towards children but I think it is suited to all spaces. Maybe I’m biased because giraffes are my favourite animals? I love the addition of the Hakuna Matata print as it fits with the animal theme and is a subtle Disney reference. Desenio 2

  3. Kate Moss Life is a Joke Print:

    This print features photography by the famous fashion photographer Craig Mcdean. It is a bold, stylish print that works as a stand alone or with a typography print. I love the draped fabric on the ladder as it adds structure and texture to the shot. Desenio 3

  4. Triangles Poster:

    The marble triangles poster is a typical Scandinavian art print. It features a series of triangles on light gray background. This poster is very versatile and will look fabulous anywhere in the house! As you can see, it has been styled with Desenio’s other graphical poster, circles.
    I think the addition of the roll of wallpaper with the pink section helps to mirror the pink accent colour in the poster. I like the fact that the posters are in gold frames as it adds a bit of glamour and links to the brass lamp.

    Desenio 4

  5. Sea Foam Poster:

    This is a stylish print focusing on a photo of the ocean and foam. It’s a bold print that is suitable for any wall. It can be combined with a neat typography print or any other photo print to create an interesting collection.
    I like the fact that they have added a couple of smaller prints to the grid as they really compliment the Sea Foam poster. The addition of plywood reinforces the natural Scandinavian style.


  6. Indigo Blue Poster:

    This print will make a bold statement in any room. Its is based on paint brush strokes which gives it a cool abstract feel.

    I believe all the vases and glassware suits the print perftectly. All the curved forms help to break up the harshness of the print. The egg timers are a quirky little addition, I like the use of coloured sand.


    Desenio 6.jpg

  7. Gold Door Poster:

    This poster has a distinct Moroccan feel, which is very different from the style of prints Desenio sell. I love the bold use of colour in this print and the two others in the series.

    The styling is very simple which allows the print to speak for itself. I Love the use of the cloche as it mirrors the curve of the building in the photo. I also really like the addition of the ‘Impact’ book as the yellow text picks out the yellow/gold tones in the poster.Desenio 7

  8. Mountain Palette Poster:

    Once again, nature is the main source of inspiration for this print. However, this time they have picked out the colours within the print and created a rectangular colour palette across the centre of the image.

    I think the colour palette really enhances this print and makes it more interesting. I think the use of white props is clever as it draws more attention to the print. Desenio 8

  9. Spring Flower Poster:
    This stylish print features a moody photograph of flowers against a black background. There are two other posters in the series that can be styled together to create a collection.
    The use of the clips helps to add rustic Scandinavain charm. Once again, the books pick out colours from the print which helps to create a coherent look.

Desenio 9.jpg

10. Pear Cactus Poster:

This bold photographic print is part of a poster series by Desenio. Cacti were a huge trend last year and are still going strong now!

I love the fact that the rustic wooden bench and wooden frame match. The use of cactus vases reinforce the theme and add an element of fun to the photograph. The use of three vases uses a photographic rule (the power of three) which is a common styling formation as it is very appealing to the eye.

Desenio 10

I highly recommend having a look at Desenio’s products as they are quirky, contemporary and really good prices too!

Are you a fan of Desenio? What is your favourite print? Have you ever bought anything from them? Let me know in the comments.

Eve x


  1. Oh my God these are so stunning! I’ve been looking to get some posters and prints for my workspace and the forest one is so gorgeous! I definitely need to look into getting a few of these!

    1. Yeah definitely! I love most of their prints and can’t wait to get my own place so I can buy some. Look out for special offers on their site!

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