First Home Series: Living Room reveal

I’ve got a little update to share with you. You might remember my previous post in my ‘First Home Series’ where I told you about my living room design ideas. Well, it has now (almost) become a reality and I’m ready to share some photos with you. It has taken a while as my deliveries have faced a lot of delays- particularly my floor lamp which took 5 months to arrive! But it is all worth it now.

To remind you, this is the product board that I created for my living room before I moved in:

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

Lets begin with the sofa. I had this IKEA sofa in my apartment, but it was only a two seater and we need something bigger now. Luckily, IKEA do a corner chaise add on in this collection. All we had to do was remove one of the sofa arms and screw the chaise in to create a 3 seater corner sofa. Now we have more seating , we also saved a lot of money doing it this way. Plus, it looks like a brand new sofa.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

Here you can see the infamous floorlamp from Nordlux. It may have taken 5 months to arrive, but it was definitely worth the wait. It fills the corner of our room perfectly and gives a nice cool white glow in the evenings.

I’ve also got a cute new knot cushion. I’ve been searching for a knot cushion for ages but they’ve all been too expensive. I found ‘The Boucle Knot’ on instagram and ordered one immediately. I love the texture of the boucle and the range of colours was amazing. I really like the sage one and thought it would create a nice pop of colour on my sofa.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

Another new addition to my home is the artwork shelf. I bought the shelves from IKEA as well as the hanging eucalyptus plant. My faces print, abstract pink print and aloe print are from desenio. Desenio is a fab website for artwork as the collection ranges from black and white photography, to bolg abstract prints, to typography and more. My Stockholm print is from Etsy, my 1975 print is from Ebay and my arch art print is from Keeler & Sidaway. I added a couple of little succulents to this shelf too to add some greenery and break up all of the lines. I’m really happy with how this shelf has turned out as it adds some fun colour to the otherwise plain wall.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

Our new kitten, Margot, particularly likes the hanging eucalyptus plant!

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

On the opposite wall, I have my teal armchair and side table from the flat against our new wall panels. I am thrilled with how the panels have turned out. They add a lot of warmth to the room and give it a nice Scandinavian feel too. As mentioned in my previous post, they have acoustic qualities too which is an added benefit. We got some nice black nickel plug sockets to mount on this wall too as the original white ones really stood out against the panelling. Lignosi were really helpful with this panelling too and were on hand to answer my questions. They also delivered these panels to me in less than 24 hours which I was really impressed with! These panels can be bought on a number of websites, but I would highly recommend Lignosi.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal
I also got a beautiful black wood and rattan media unit from Again, this had quite a hefty delay but it was completely worth the wait. It features three storage compartments and two sliding doors to hide all of the mess and TV cables.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

One of my favourite little details in here is my HAY tree trunk vase and colourful dried flowers. The pop of colour is really eye-catching and stands out nicely from the panelling behind it.

Eve Morgan Interiors- Living Room Reveal

So what do you think? I’m really pleased with how this room has turned out. The only thing I would really like to add is some curtains as it will give us a bit more privacy. But I think I’m going to wait until Margot is too big to climb up them! What is your favourite part of my living room? Let me know in the comments below.

Eve Morgan Interiors - Living Room RevealSpeak to you soon,

Eve x

9 thoughts on “First Home Series: Living Room reveal

  1. Wow, Eve, this is lovely! So many wonderful design details, it’s really hard to pick out a favourite. That’s such a great idea to use panelling to create a feature wall. And your tip about extending your sofa is genius. I think my favourite is actually your knot cushion though, I’ve never seen one before. And honourable mention to Margot, who is perfectly themed to your living room palette! x

    Lisa |

    1. Thank you Lisa. IKEA’s chaise units are a really clever idea. It’s great because it feels like a whole new sofa but for a fraction of the price! My Mum keeps pointing out that Margot matches all my furniture haha. It wasn’t intentional x

    1. Thank you Della. I love the panelling too- it makes it a little bit different. Thanks for reading x

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