2022 Wallpaper Trends That You’ll See Everywhere

When refreshing your home, there’s nothing better than a new wallpaper to revive and reinvigorate your walls. The 2022 wallpaper trends offer so much scope in terms of styles, colourways and themes. The love for wallpaper ideas has gone through varying periods of popularity over the years, but it’s very much having a moment right now. Largely thanks to homeowners becoming braver with decorating choices – our homes are bolder and more expressive.

Whether you’re creating a feature wall or creating an entirely new scheme, read on to discover the 2022 wallpaper trends.

1. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie wallpaper, in a nutshell, is a lovely wall covering category that depict European interpretations of diverse Asian lifestyles, especially Chinese. They are not necessarily accurate depictions, mind you, as the ones who made these only had oral tradition to go by, and they cared more about how the designs would match traditional European themes than accuracy.

Historically associated with grand country manor homes, this technique has been modernised and updated is a fresh new way. Characterized by fantastical oriental scenes and sinuous, stylized flower and bird motifs, the Chinoiserie trend has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years. Today’s wallpaper and fabric houses offer a wealth of designs to bring wow-factor to your home. From delicate cherry blossoms and koi carp to herons, there’s a wide range of nature-inspired motifs and looks to choose from.

Ever Wallpaper- Chinoiserie
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)

2. Nautical

The coastal look is being reinvented in the coming year – with the help of wallpaper designs. Forget stripes though, the beach house interior of 2022 features more subtle and natural-looking references to the sea. Wavy designs will be more popular than angular ones, and brighter blues will overrule pastels. Take a look at the beautiful example below from Ever Wallpaper. 

Abstract Nautical- 2022 Wallpaper trends
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)

3. Wood Effect

Bring a hint of the natural world into any room of the room with wallpaper disguised to look like bare wooden walls. The desire to be more connected to nature has increased over the past year, with the importance highlighted of its benefit on wellbeing and sustainability. People are wanting to add the warmth and depth found in natural colours and materials to their interiors to make their homes comfortable, calming, and relaxing environments. I think that’s what we all need this year!

Wood panelling has been huge in interior design for the last couple of years, so, why not create your own interpretation? Of course, a wood effect mural is a much cheaper alternative too.

2022 wallpaper trends- wood effect- Ever Wallpaper
(Image credit: Ever Wallpaper)
2022 wallpaper trends
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)

4. Architectural

Instead of travelling, we’re bringing other cities into our homes for 2022. Last year, the look was very much far-flung, holiday-inspired tropical destinations, but now that the world’s opening up again, we’re looking towards busy, cosmopolitan regions. Choose a graphic interpretation of a skyline for a contemporary effect. Or, maybe pick out an architectural element, such as arches, to incorporate into your space.

2022 interior design trends
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)
2022 wallpaper trends- Architecture
(Image credit: Ever Wallpaper)

5. Artistic lines

Line drawing and abstract Picasso-style portraits have been popular for the last few seasons, but very much with a focus on accessories and artwork. This year that bold trend is moving to the walls! Not for the faint hearted this bold and beautiful wallpaper trend is an expression of self. Line art designs range from large-scale murals to smaller face prints to suit all rooms. I think this is the trend that I am the most excited about as it is very quirky. I particularly love the portraits wallpaper below. This trend can be made more subtle by using softer colours to create less of a contrast.

If you are not keen on faces, why not go for an abstract ink brush stroke print instead?

2022 wallpaper trends
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)
2022 wallpaper trends - graphic lines
(Image credit: Ever Wallpaper)

6. Animal

Wallpapers with animals and birds will bring a lively and interesting element to your walls this year. Animal wallpapers are often seen in children’s rooms, but the current trend is towards beautiful grown up versions. The animals of the savannah and the jungle become the kings of the trendy wallpaper with elephant wallpapers, monkey wallpapers or even leopard wallpapers topping the list. Birds, such as cranes and herons are seeing a rise in popularity this year too. Check out the gorgeous blue heron wall mural below.

Also, the return of the South American Lama is not without surprise! Indispensable in the decoration of children’s rooms and playrooms, the llama wallpaper with its original and trendy design will take your interior on a journey with its ethnic, quirky and exotic spirit.

2022 animal wallpaper trend
(Image credit: Ever Wallpaper)

7. Jungle/ Tropical influences

Wallpaper trends are about more than what’s stylish, they are reflections of our values. Jungle, tropical and leafy style wallpapers will be a big trend in 2022. Any reference to bringing the outside in will have an impact on wellbeing with the plant trend that just keeps on growing. Through the limited access to the outdoors over the past couple of years, we have truly appreciated the importance of nature, and the natural calmness that we find in the elements. Jungle inspired wallpapers reflect how much we have missed travelling to other countries and exploring more tropical parts of the world.

2022 wallpaper trends
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)

8. Geometric/ Art Deco

Another wallpaper trend for 2022 will be the use of Art Decor and geometric-style designs. Harking back to the roaring 20’s of the last century, Art Deco brought a luxe sophistication to interiors. Likewise, the clean lines of the Art Deco style also found in geometric wallpapers will bring the cosmopolitan trend into 2022.

2022 wallpaper trends - art deco
(Image Credit: Ever Wallpaper)
2022 wallpaper trends- art deco
(Image credit: Ever Wallpaper)

Wallpaper never quite left, but it’s certainly risen in terms of popularity over the past couple of years. Part of the reason for this is that there are simply so many innovations in design that you can find whatever it is you’re after in terms of texture, colour or pattern. Seeing walls adorned with tropical leaves, trees, animals and birds will definitely create some lively interiors! Which trend above is your favourite?

Speak to you soon,

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  1. I love the wallpaper in the animal section and the first one in the jungle/tropical section. Wallpaper, when well picked, can transform the mood of a room indeed.

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