How To Give Your Home The Luxury Hotel Feel

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and had such a great stay that you didn’t want to leave? I have realised that you can actually bring a little bit of that luxury home with a few simple things that make your own bedroom a relaxing haven, full of the extra touches that all fancy boutique hotels use.

Whether you prefer vintage furniture or something more contemporary, follow my tips below to give your home the luxury hotel look.

Show stopping lighting:

It is best to start with the main ceiling light. Most luxury hotel bedrooms contain a statement ceiling pendant. Consider a large, structural piece in a brass or chrome finish as they will help to add that luxury edge.

Have you noticed that hotel lighting is often quite soft? One idea is to have a dimmer installed on your overhead lights to tone down any harsh light. Dimmers are key to creating mood lighting!

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Sumptuous scents:

Next time you step foot in a luxury hotel, take a moment to consider how your senses are stimulated by the scent. Many hotels now use certain scents to evoke particular feelings — such as lavender for relaxation, coconut to feel energised and Bergamot to enhance your mood.

Candles and diffusers are a relatively cheap way to add the luxury hotel feel into your home. However, the benefit you will get from their scents will blow you away.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Cushions, cushions, cushions:

A typical styling feature a lot of a luxury hotels use is layering cushions on a bed. The classic arrangement is to reduce the cushions in size and number from the back to the front of the stack. For an understated, glamorous look, introduce sheen or subtle pattern in a limited colour palette.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

High quality window treatments:

Curtains and blinds are something a lot of us homeowners tend to overlook in our own homes. However, it can be obvious when window treatments are done on a budget, and it can ruin the look of your home. Although this is a fairly expensive way to add the luxe touch, high quality window treatments are well worth the investment.

Another tip would be to add black out curtains or blinds to your windows, as these are a must in luxury hotels and give your home more privacy.

(Image Credit: My design on Roomstyler)

Have you ever considered creating the boutique hotel feel in your own home? What do you think of my tips? Let me know in the comments below ↓

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Eve x

*Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Soho House. All opinions in this blog post are my own unless stated otherwise.

16 thoughts on “How To Give Your Home The Luxury Hotel Feel

  1. Yesss I love staying in hotels & I do think it’s deffo possible to bring that feel home. You make some great suggestions here.. I can’t gwt enough cushions! Xxx

  2. Pillows are my weakness, if I could have more than what we already have I would (but James has capped the limit now hahaha) I will get more! Lights is defo a good shout!

    Jessica & James

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