How To Style Your Dining Table For Easter

*Disclaimer: Gifted post. This post has been written in collaboration with What a Host. I received a set of cutlery and napkin rings as gifts as payment for writing this post. All views in this blog post are my own.

Dressing your dining table is a wonderful way to set the mood for a party or dinner, while showing your family and friends that you care. After so many months of not being able to host, we’re embracing being able to have guests over once more, and style our spaces accordingly. Easter is the perfect time of year to celebrate with friends and family. There are a lot of fun and creative ways to style your table for the season. Think linen napkins, delicate spring flowers and pretty, decorative eggs, to name a few details.

What A Host tablescapes & Hygge Decor make dressing your dining table a piece of cake. What A Host is a table decoration brand set up by Melanie Kalfaian. Melanie has a background in Event Organising, where she noticed a gap in the market. What A Host was formed with the idea of providing a complete and contemporary Tablescapes & Home Decoration solutions, avoiding the effort that requires sourcing all the products separately. All the tablescapes are carefully curated and will arrive at your house in a beautiful box with a step by step guidance to recreate the style.

I have been gifted a cutlery set and napkin rings and used them to style a modern Easter table setting. Have a look below to see how you can recreate your ideal Easter dining arrangement.

What a Host cutlery - Easter dining table
(Image credit: My own photography)

1.Consider your cutlery

The first thing to consider is the flatware and cutlery. Depending on what menu you are serving, layer up the necessary sizes of plates, topped by a bowl or accessory. Consider both colour of your cutlery as well as the shape. For example, silver cutlery is considered good for every day use and is great for a less formal table. Brass cutlery is best for a more formal dining table setting, as, brass is associated with luxury. Black is a great choice for cutlery as it works with all colours and still gives the table a smart feel. I have used black cutlery from What A Host on my dining setting – I absolutely love the shape of this cutlery set as the handles are really long and comfortable to hold. The cutlery is surprisingly heavy too which shows it’s very good quality.

Plates and bowls are very important for creating the right vibe for your table setting. I have opted for white plates with beautiful beading detail as they look organic and fresh. Other good styles to consider for an Easter table is hand thrown plates and bowls, flatware with floral prints and textured flatware.

(Image Credit: My own photography)

2. Add your Glassware

Water glasses and wine glasses should be set out in advance, too. For a more formal style of table dressing, lay out both white and red wine glasses on the dining table. If you are having a more casual meal, you can loose the wine glasses and play with more creative drinks glasses. I have opted for clear glass wine glasses and fluted glass tumblers to add visual interest and subtle texture.

Glassware can also be a nice way to add pops of colour to your table setting too. There are many examples of colourful drinks glasses on the market now as colourful glassware is a big trend for 2022. I have opted for clear glass wine glasses and fluted glass tumblers to add visual interest and subtle texture.

(Image Credit: My own photography)

3. Add Napkins for colour and texture

One part of table dressing that often gets overlooked is the napkins. I opted for these sage green linen effect as they are lightweight and airy which is perfect for springtime. If you are hosting an Easter event for children, consider patterned napkins, or brighter colours, to inject some fun into your table setting.

These beautiful napkin holders are the perfect addition for an Easter themed table setting as the wood links directly to nature. The best part about these napkin rings is that the wood grain will be slightly different on each bead, meaning, every napkin holder is unique! There’s something so tactile, pleasing and reassuring about holding and touching wooden tableware.  It’s a great connection to the natural world and perfect for a spring table setting. Personally, I love the bohemian feel of these holders.

(Image Credit: My own photography)

4. Statement Centrepiece

Table centrepieces are a very important part of the table styling, as they are the part that your eye is drawn to the most. This can be an impressive floral display, candelabra or a collection of candles and objects styled at different heights to add interest and drama to your dining space. I always think flowers or greenery are the best idea as they are natural, colourful and often add a nice aroma too. Try styling for the season by placing a small vase of just-bloomed flowers or recently flowered bulbs instead. The best flowers to use at Easter are daffodils and tulips as they are associated with spring. Personally, I decided to use daffodils to add a pop of yellow to my table display as it’s a bright, happy colour.

(Image credit: My own photography)

5. Add detail with Easter Decorations

What Easter gathering is complete without Easter eggs? I know eggs may seem like the obvious choice, but they are very versatile. I have decided to put small decorative eggs into egg cups to dress my plates, but there are many other options. You could use decorative eggs to fill a large glass vase, use eggs as place cards, or steal Mel’s idea of creating a rabbit napkin arrangement.

I think it’s nice to add some Easter related food and snacks to your dining table dressing too. Think hot cross buns, Easter nest cakes, rabbit shaped biscuits, or simply a bowl filled with mini eggs. These will be a hit with any children you are hosting!

(Image Credit: My own photography)

Easter is fast approaching, but, you still have plenty of time to buy your table accessories. What A Host have just released their Easter collection too- check it out here. How cute are the little white rabbits?

What A Host- white rabbits
(Image credit: What A Host)

Are you hosting your friends and family this Easter? I would love to see how you dress your dining tables.

Speak to you soon,

Eve x

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