How To Use Concrete Effectively In Your Home and Garden

When you think of concrete in interior design, you probably think of a cold, dark urban space right? Wrong! Used in the right way, concrete can add a simple level of industrial chic to your home for a super stylish look. It is frequently used by both residential and commercial customers for many purposes whether outside or inside and gives truly stunning results.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to incorporate concrete into your home and garden.

Concrete flooring:

Concrete makes an attractive and durable flooring option inside the home. Sun rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even living rooms can all look updated and modern with a concrete floor. The key is to make sure the concrete has the right color and texture for the room so that it complements the overall look. You can even add texture to concrete by stamping to look like tiles, stone or even brick.

Concrete tends to have a reputation of being cold, however, properly insulated concrete will not feel cool. If the room gets plenty of sunshine, the concrete will also retain heat and be extra cozy on your feet. Plus, there are ways of installing heated elements when the concrete is poured is a better long-term option.

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Another option is to use concrete effect tiles or flooring from places like Karndean flooring or Total Tiles. This will give you the look of concrete for a fraction of the price!

Concrete wall coverings:

Concrete walls make eye-catching interior design features and suit a variety of styles. They are often used as accent walls in spaces that use contrasts to look chic or that have a certain amount of industrial charm. A concrete wall can also be a focal point without the need to decorate it with striking wall art.

Once again, you don’t have to splash out on real concrete. Companies such as Concrete 7 and Total Tiles have created faux concrete panels that look very realistic. I personally think these would be really cool in a bathroom or as a feature wall in a bedroom.

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Concrete furnishings:

Concrete furniture is trendy right now, but it’s a material that is so worth the investment. With its robust nature and minimalist style, there’s no way concrete will fall out of style anytime soon. You may worry that concrete is too heavy or too cold for your home, but it’s all about moderation. You can always warm your space up with pops of bright colour in accessories, feature walls and other items of furniture. Textures are really key to decorating with concrete furniture too. Soft touches, for example in the form of plush statement rugs, help soften the potential harshness of concrete elements.

For those of you who want more subtle concrete touches, I’ve put together a little product board which will help you to use concrete in a less in-your-face way.

Concrete product board

Get the concrete look in your home and garden:

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Concrete Garden Accessories:

Concrete is an easy building material to work within the garden. Organic looking, it blends well with the surrounding nature and you can use different types of concrete in a variety of finishes to suit many shapes, styles and designs. Compared to many other materials, concrete really stands the test of time. It can endure even the most extreme weather without cracking, won’t scratch easily and isn’t susceptible to moisture or mould. A versatile and practical substance, concrete can be used for garden furniture and accessories like tubs and planters.

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Do you have any concrete in your home or garden? My goal is to have a concrete floor in my kitchen when I get my dream house. I love how sleek and modern concrete floors look.

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47 thoughts on “How To Use Concrete Effectively In Your Home and Garden

  1. I love the concrete wall covering. It gives me loft vibes which I absolutely love the style of. Some of the furniture pieces are really nice too! x


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post! Concrete walls are really different and cool. Concrete is most commonly seen on the floor so it’s a bit different to use it as a wall covering instead.

  2. I’d really like a concrete table top! Your post is very interesting, I like the tips and suggestions you have made about how to incorporate it effectively into a home environment.

      1. I completely agree- it does look very elegant. It’s perfect for gardens too as it is hard wearing. Thanks for reading x

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. There are so many interesting ways to incorporate concrete into your home nowadays.

  3. I saw a bathroom design a while ago that used concrete and it looked amazing. It was also touted as super easy to keep clean so win, win. And I love the idea of using concrete in the garden, that’s genius, I’ll have to look into that, my husbands HATES having to clean all our garden furniture each year! X

    Lisa |

    1. Concrete looks so sleek and modern, especially when used in bathrooms. I’d love concrete walls in my future bathroom! Concrete is a fab material to use in gardens as it is so easy to clean. The only negative is it can get very cold in winter and very hot in summer! x

  4. I do not know myself that I would want concrete floors, but I love concrete garden tables or pedestals for both indoor and outside plants! I also love the concrete wall hanging. There is something to be said for its durability.

    1. Concrete floors are not for everyone. But concrete furniture is a more accessible and subtle way to use concrete without spending a fortune.

    1. That’s very exciting! If you ever need design advice, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

  5. I love all these ideas! I still live at home so can’t go off on my own tangent, but for those with their own place; these additions would look beautiful.


    1. I’m in a similar situation as I live in a rented apartment. I’d love to use concrete in my home too. I’m glad I have inspired you!

    1. Hi Jenny. I totally agree- my flat is full of plants and greenery. Concrete looks so rustic and natural. Plus the grey colour is really neutral and can be used within any colour scheme.

  6. I love this! I’ve noticed that my eye has been drawn to concrete in design lately, so I’m really into these tips! x

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Concrete is a really versatile and practical material, its a bonus that it looks really good too!

    1. Thanks very much! Concrete furniture can be a cheaper way to add concrete into your home.

  7. Using concrete at homes can do wonders! It just really depends on how you design it. Thank you so much for these home inspiration ideas!

  8. I absolutely love concrete furnishings, especially for outdoor use! It makes the outdoor space look refreshing and welcoming.

  9. I loved the way you illustrated the use of concrete. Very useful tips and great pictures. I was thinking of building a sunroom next summer, your tips will definitely come in handy.

  10. Concrete things are actually good. We have certain concrete things in gardens at my grandma’s house and Indians do use concrete things especially if the houses are old.

  11. When I think of concrete I definitely don’t initially think about decor or style. WOW! What a cool design element, I’m going to have to really look into this style!

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Eventhough concrete is a very hard material, it can look very delicate and elegant.

  12. As someone that was born in a former communist country, everything I ever saw was made of concrete! It’s worth mentioning concrete can get very cold in winter and very warm in the summer.

  13. I truly had no idea there was so much versatility to decorating with concrete. My hubby may not like that I read this one lol. You’ve given me some great ideas for more projects.

    1. I’m very glad that I’ve given you some tips for designing. Feel free to reach out if you need any more advice x

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