An Interview With Wise Owl Interiors Founder, Nicole Burnett

Nicole Burnett is the interior designer and blogger behind affordable high street Interior Design Company Wise Owl Interiors. Having previously worked in the property industry, Nicole completely understands how important it is to maximise the potential of your home. Wise Owl Interiors was set up in order to prove you don’t have to get the priciest items for your room to have amazing style.
Nicole’s blog was shortlisted for an Amara Interior Blog award and features inspiring design tips and expert advice on how to improve and add value to your home.
Lets find out more about Nicole and Wise Owl Interiors:
How did you get into interior design?
I was working in radio advertising but I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever as I’m a super creative person and I began to feel on autopilot in my role. Before working in radio I worked in the property industry and just loved seeing interior transformations. I began to start looking at part-time courses in interior design as I’ve always had a passion for interiors since I was young and while I was working in property. Coming to the end of the course, I decided to apply for jobs at interior design studios. I managed to land myself a position where I learnt so much. While I was there I was working on my personal interiors brand as I’ve always wanted to have my own business and in the end, I decided just to go for it!
Wise Owl Interiors living room product board
(Image credit: Nicole Burnett, Wise Owl Interiors)

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day to day differs so much depending what’s on, I’m a lone interior designer based in North London offering high street interior design. Normally, it always starts with checking emails then it can range from 3D drawings, sourcing, creating Instagram, Facebook content, virtual interior schemes as I offer a virtual service as well as a bespoke. If I have any site visits I’ll need to head there which can take up 3-4 hours of your afternoon but most of the time I’m based in my home office
How would you describe your interior style?
It’s a bit of a mishmash of Scandi, contemporary modern sometimes with a boho twist!

What made you want to start a blog?I wanted to share all the knowledge I had gained while working at the interior design studio. I’ve always been pretty budget savvy so incorporating both in any way I can to share tips and tricks I couldn’t wait to get started!

What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

Project River, a recent virtual project I worked on a Scandi lovers dream with beige galore! But I still love a Scandi bedroom I worked on

Wise Owl Interiors scandi bedroom
(Image credit: Nicole Burnett, Wise Owl Interiors)

Where do you look for interior inspiration?

I get my inspo from all over the place, I tend to be drawn to nature and fashion because of the textures and colour palettes. Of course, I head over for a sneaky peek on Pinterest and Instagram is full of amazing things. Trade shows are another place

Do you have any top tips for someone wanting to redesign their home?

Live in the home for at least a year before you start going into redesign mode. It is so important to understand how the home works or doesn’t work for you and to know where the light is in your home. Also, I would say to buy things you love and think about functionality and practicality, it’s all well and good purchasing

What are your top trend predictions for 2020?

Furniture with curved edges and incorporating feng shui into the homes, Japani – a mixture of Scandi and Japanese design does this fantastically.


(Image credit: Nicole Burnett, Wise Owl Interiors)

I would like to thank Nicole for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to chat with me and answer my quesions. Hopefully, this interview has left you feeling inspired! I love the fact that Nicole’s goal is to make high quality interior design affordable and available to everyone.

If you would like to find out more about Wise Owl Interiors, find a link to Nicole’s  website here and Instagram here.
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