Apartment Series: Living/ Dining Room Reveal

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I thought it was about time that I updated you on my progress with my apartment. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s all come together for now.

The good thing about a new build apartment is the walls are normally white, so we’ve got a blank canvas to work with. Colour can then be brought in through furniture and accessories. Furniture wise, I’m going for a Scandi scheme with industrial touches. Think natural woods, black details, clean lines and pops of colour. Here is a little reminder of the mood board that I created before I moved in:

Teal, blush, mint and grey moodboard

I ended up going a bit more monochromatic for the furniture but added colour in the accessories. As this is a rented apartment, we aren’t allowed to put wallpaper up, repaint the walls or even hang artwork. So, the living area does look a little bland in places. I’d love to be able to have a shelf with artwork above the sofa as that would make the room more fun and interesting!

Apartment living room

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One thing I really wanted was to add lots of greenery to breathe some life into space. Not only do plants look pretty, but they also have multiple benefits for our physical and mental health. Succulents are particularly good as they turn CO2 into oxygen fast – plus they are so easy to maintain! I’ve wanted a terrarium for ages and this is the so I thought it was about time for me to invest in one.

I also really wanted to add some cane rattan elements to my home as cane is so on-trend at the moment. This cute little tray from H&M was the perfect addition.

Coffee table tray styling with plants and candles

All of the living room accessories have been really cost-effective because I’m working with a pretty tight budget. When I buy my first house, I’ll definitely splash the cash on more expensive pieces. Most of what you can see is from places like IKEA, Next, H&M and Sainsbury’s Home.

I have a huge amount of scented candles in my living room as I love filling my home with beautiful scents. Also, turning the lights off and having my candles lit makes my flat feel so cosy in the evenings.

We had an empty space on one of our walls, so I created a little reading area. (Insta saw it first) As I’m not able to hang the art prints, I got a little creative and through they’d add a little focal point to the wall opposite the sofa.

These gorgeous abstract prints are both from Desenio – If you would like to buy some prints of your own, use Eve Morgan as a discount code for £5 off any order over £30! They have a huge range of contemporary prints in all colours, so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your decor style.

Teal velvet armchair with a plant and some abstract art prints

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As you may have seen on my previous post, I decided to go for some bold teal dining chairs to give another splash of colour to the room. These Eames chairs are replica Eiffel chairs that were designed in 1950 by Charles and Ray Eames. Although the seats are made from plastic, they are surprisingly comfortable!

Teal Eames Eiffel Shop my home: Dining chairs, plant.

So that’s how my apartment looks at the moment –  I am pleased with the progress that I have made so far. Although it’s not perfect, its a really cosy and comfortable living space.

If you are currently redesigning a room in your home and you need some guidance, feel free to get in touch.

Living/ Dining room reveal

Speak to you again soon,

Eve x

19 thoughts on “Apartment Series: Living/ Dining Room Reveal

  1. Love this!! I wonder how a big plant, like a Bird of Paradise would look in the corner next to the window. Will give you greenery and height. 😊

  2. Given the restrictions you’re faced, you’ve done a great job decorating the place! I am a HUGE fan of greenery and really do need to incorporate a bit more into my house. We’ve been navigating finding the balance between incorporating greenery and finding options that will keep the pets out of it lol

    1. Thanks so much Britt. Incorporating greenery makes such a difference to your home, and its pretty cheap to do to. There are loads of pet friendly plants about so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect ones for you x

  3. Your apartment looks absolutely amazing! I love your colour scheme and it all blends beautifully. Those teal chairs are lovely x


  4. Ooh, love how you have brought in the color to offset the white walls with those blue chairs and the almost pinky-white cushions. Also loving your little lantern plant! Some living green always adds freshness to a coffee table, and you have done an amazing job of playing off your color board. 🙂

  5. I love the colour scheme, teal is one of my favourite colours, all the chairs look amazing. It’s a shame you can do anything with the walls. We are lucky to be in a long term rent and the landlord is happy to decorate as we please.


  6. I love seeing how people decorate their homes – and this really was a blank canvas! It’s a shame you can’t hang anything on the walls though but I love your reading nook, that’s so creative putting the prints together the way you have. And that chair looks super comfy. Great picks, Eve 🙂 x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Thanks for reading Lisa. It was so white when we first moved in- the perfect space to start working on. It really is a shame that the walls can’t be decorated. I’m glad you like the prints on the floor! x

  7. Omg this is sooo cute! I’m moving into a new apartment in a few weeks and I’m definitely using this post for inspo. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I love that you touched on adding greenery to the space . It makes such a difference in any sized space to add that fresh touch.

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