Linden Homes Collaboration: Part 2

Hey guys,

This is the second part of the Linden Homes project, this time, my scheme was based around Japanese Artist Ohara Koson. Ohara Koson was a Japanese painter and print designer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, specialising in Woodblock printing.

(Examples of Koson’s work)

My next step was to create some fabric and wallpaper designs for the living/dining room and master bedroom. I took my inspiration from British wildlife and plants to create my designs:


These motifs, as well as some magnolia drawings were used to create fabric designs and a wall panel:


Next, I got to work on the floorplan. As said before, the showhome had very little floor space but very tall walls, so fitting furniture in was a challenge! The showhome is in a converted convent, with huge domed windows, allowing a lot of natural light into the space.



Then I created the 3D Visuals. I took a lot of inspiration from Japanese Zen interiors, which is why i used minimal accessories and a neutral colour palette. There are a few plants included to ‘bring the outside in’, a principle followed in Japanese design.


I was lucky enough to be asked to pitch this design to the Directors of Linden Homes last Autumn. Myself and four of my coursemates went to Linden Homes HQ to pitch our ideas (and have a nose around their new development!) Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but it was a fantastic opportunity, that I am grateful I got to participate in.

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Hope you feel Zen!

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